The tremor is an unintentional movement of one or more body parts most common being the hand tremor. The causes of hand tremor are various from neurological problems, stress or even having too much caffeine.

The majority of us had or will experience hand tremor at least once in our life. Even so it is indicated to contact your doctor if:

-         the hand tremor is worse while you rest and disappears with movement

-         the hand tremor increases in intensity, duration or starts to interfere with your life

-         the hand tremor is accompanied by other symptoms such as weakness, headache or movement you can’t control

If you have one or more of the symptoms above you should visit your doctor for a physical examination including a neurological exam. There are question regarding your medical history that can help the doctor discover the cause of your hand tremors. Below you can find ten of the most common questions:

  1. The hand tremor is regular or irregular?
  2. When does it occur: with activity, while holding something in one position for a long time or while resting?
  3. The movements are fine or coarse?
  4. The movements are slow or fast?
  5. Are both hand affected and if yes, is it the same on both sides?
  6. Are there any other body part affected?
  7. Does it impair you to use your hands correctly?
  8. Do alcohol drinks make it better or worse?
  9. Are there any other symptoms?
  10. Does stress make it worse?

In order to determine your condition, the doctor will also perform one or more of the following tests:

-         blood tests

-         urine tests

-         glucose tests

-         thyroid function tests

-         head CT or MRI

-         nerve conduction studies

After the cause of the tremor is found and the dieses has been identified appropriate treatment will be applied.

Prescription  can help diminish the tremor or even heal it whoever the effectiveness of the pills depends from one patient to another.

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