Hand tremor is a condition determined by multiple causes like stress, alcohol and drug use, neurodegenerative diseases. But there is always essential tremor that doesn’t seem to have any conclusive cause. It appears between the ages 40 and 60, but also, in isolated cases, in childhood.

According to medical journals manifestations of hand tremor worsen if stress, tiredness, caffeine or diet changes appear in the subject’s life.

In order to improve the living of a patient suffering from essential hand tremor certain groups of medications can be administered:

- Tranquilizers – Tranquilizers such as primidone may be used to decrease patient’s anxiety and tension. This can also diminish hand tremors as well. According to the National Library of Medicine, primidone’s frequently experienced side effects include dizziness and lack of coordination, nausea, tiredness, vomiting, impotency, double vision and drowsiness.

- Beta blockers –  Beta blockers are a class of medications that typically treat high blood pressure and heart conditions. But, they can be used to reduce hand tremors as well. Propranolol is one of the beta blocker medication that must be taken as a doctor prescribes. According to Drugs.com, propranolol’s side effects include diarrhea, constipation, low sex drive, tiredness and sleeping disorders. Shortness of breath, yellowing of the skin, fainting and confusion are propranolol’s more serious side effects, but they depend on the patient’s tolerance to the drug.

- Other medications – medical journals state that anti-seizure seizure medications and botulinum toxin A are used to cure essential hand tremors. Anti-seizure medications like diazepam are generally used to treat convulsions from epilepsy. Diazepam’s most common side effects include vertigo, tiredness, weakness, diarrhea and appetite changes. Seizures, fevers, trouble breathing and an irregular heartbeat are diazepam’s most serious side effects. The botulinum toxin A is an injectable toxin used to paralyze muscles. Unfortunately, this drug is temporary and works for only up to three months.

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