Essential tremor is a disease that generally is not associated to a neurological problem as it can appear on apparently healthy people. Normally it is transmitted genetically and the symptoms appear between the ages of 40 and 60 years old, but in some rare cases it can also appear in childhood.

Clinically speaking, the essential tremor has the following symptoms: hand tremor and head tremor. The voice becomes rushed and unsure. The amplitude of hand tremor is usually lower at first and ignored by the patient, but in time it can accentuate and impair his daily activities and become annoying. This is usually the time the patient goes to see a doctor. At the clinical examination no neurological signs or abnormalities will be found.

Treatment is administrated to cases of sever tremor and it has to be followed for the rest of the life. Stopping it is not recommended because once the treatment is stopped the tremor will reappear and will be even worse.

The medicine usually prescribed is as following:

-         propranolol 40-120 mg twice a day – oral administration

-         primidone 125 mg twice a day(once in the morning and once in the evening). Slower the dosage will be increased up to 250mg three times a day.

We can always use a less invasive way to diminish hand tremor by dinking tea made out of a special mix. The mix is made out of the following plants: ash leaves, all-saint’-wart flowers, yarrow, sage and horse tail 10 grams each. You have to take 10-15 drops of the tea every hour and 3 cups a day. One cup will contain ¼ of teaspoon of the mix.

You should avoid coffee, energizing food and drinks and medicine that can enhance tremor.

We have to mention that the treatment above will not entirely cure hand tremor, it will only get it at an acceptable level, assuring the patient that he/she will have a normal life.

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