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Lithium is a soft, silver-white metal which belongs to the alkali metal group of chemical. It is used in the electrical and electronic devices, chemical and industrial components, nuclear industry, but also in for medical purposes.

In medicine it was used firstly to treat gout in the 19th century, but nowadays it is used to treat bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder and major depression. As any metal, lithium intake can have side effects, the most common being hand and muscle tremor, twitching, and hypothyroidism. In large dosage lithium can be highly toxic and can cause severe damage.

As with all toxic intakes, it is very important to determine the amount, time and reason for the intake. There are 3 categories of lithium poisoning:

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Hand tremor is a symptom caused by a range of different disorders or diseases. It normally occurs in adults, but it can also appear in children. This can be a sign of a serious disorder or it can only be an isolated event with no medical content. Five of the most encountered causes of tremors in children are:

  1. Essential tremor – it normally affects the hands but it can also appear in other parts of the body such as arms or face. The essential tremor is usually inherited from family members with known essential tremor and it worsen with emotional stress and activity. The essential tremors does not require treatment. Read the rest of this entry

Hand tremor can be diminished or even stopped depending on its cause. You can find below some useful tips on how to do that:

-         As you may all know different bodies react differently to medicine and so they can cause an entire range of symptoms including hand tremor. So if a certain pill causes you a hand tremor you should stop its administration and call your doctor. Only he can decide if the treatment can be continued, if he should lower the dosage or change the prescription.

-         Don’t take drugs! Please be advised that in drug use, hand tremor is the lightest symptom. Drug use decays the body and causes death.

-         If you have a drinking problem, get treated for alcoholism. Alcoholism is a disease just like any other addiction Read the rest of this entry