Hypoglycemia is a clinical disorder caused by low blood sugar. The symptoms and severity depend from one person to another and it is easily reversed once the blood sugar level is back to normal.

Usually hypoglycemia starts developing around the age of 60 when the body is beginning to have difficulties in processing the chemicals, but in also occurs at any point in life and we all had at least one episode of low blood sugar so far.

The symptoms for low blood sugar are:

-         Intense hunger Read the rest of this entry

Alcoholism known also as alcohol dependence is and addictive disorder. It is characterized by massive and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol regardless of its negative effects. Like any other addiction, alcohol is defined as a treatable disease.

The risk factors that trigger alcohol addiction are social environment, stress, mental health, age, ethnicity and sex. Long-term abuse causes significant damages to all body organs especially the brain.

Long-term alcohol abuse has physical and psychiatric symptoms as:

-          Physical – fetal alcohol syndrome in pregnant women, liver failure, pancreatitis, heart disease, epilepsy, sexual dysfunction, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It can damage the central and peripheral nervous system that can Read the rest of this entry

Stress has been called recently “The disease of the century” and it is affecting more and more people every day. Stress has 4 categories of symptoms:

-          Cognitive: memory loss, anxiety, inability to concentrate

-          Physical: headaches, hand tremor, nausea

-          Emotional: agitation, depression, a sense of loneliness

-          Behavioral: isolation from society, using alcohol, cigarettes and even drugs to relax, nervous habits

But there are 20 easy steps that can help you diminish the stress level in your life:

  1. Always plan ahead, it reduces the risk of unforeseen problems on the way of development
  2. Do a “to do” list, it helps you organize you day at sets your priorities
  3. Finish your tasks on time, don’t bulk up on unfinished business Read the rest of this entry

Hand tremor is a condition determined by multiple causes like stress, alcohol and drug use, neurodegenerative diseases. But there is always essential tremor that doesn’t seem to have any conclusive cause. It appears between the ages 40 and 60, but also, in isolated cases, in childhood.

According to medical journals manifestations of hand tremor worsen if stress, tiredness, caffeine or diet changes appear in the subject’s life.

In order to improve the living of a patient suffering from essential hand tremor certain groups of medications can be administered:

- Tranquilizers – Tranquilizers such as primidone may be used to decrease patient’s anxiety and tension. This can also Read the rest of this entry

Essential tremor is a disease that generally is not associated to a neurological problem as it can appear on apparently healthy people. Normally it is transmitted genetically and the symptoms appear between the ages of 40 and 60 years old, but in some rare cases it can also appear in childhood.

Clinically speaking, the essential tremor has the following symptoms: hand tremor and head tremor. The voice becomes rushed and unsure. The amplitude of hand tremor is usually lower at first and ignored by the patient, but in time it can accentuate and impair his daily activities and become annoying. This is usually the time the patient goes to Read the rest of this entry

The tremor is an unintentional movement of one or more body parts most common being the hand tremor. The causes of hand tremor are various from neurological problems, stress or even having too much caffeine.

The majority of us had or will experience hand tremor at least once in our life. Even so it is indicated to contact your doctor if:

-         the hand tremor is worse while you rest and disappears with movement

-         the hand tremor increases in intensity, duration or starts to interfere with your life

-         the hand tremor is accompanied by other symptoms such as weakness, headache or movement you can’t control

If you have one or more of the symptoms above you should visit your doctor for a physical examination including a Read the rest of this entry

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